What Our Members Are Saying

What Our Members Are Saying

“We wanted our children to develop Confidence and Focus…..”

“My kids are getting more coordinated and developing street-smarts…”

“It promotes more Character Building and Respect…”

“Karate has provided him with coping skills…”

“She’s paying attention in class…”

“They’ve got this great one-on-one time…”

“He’s gotten a lot of self confidence…”


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How Karate Helps Kids Overcome Shyness and Gain Confidence

Teach Your Child to Break Out of Their Shell Through Martial Arts Most children feel shy from time to time, but many parents with extremely shy kids can relate to the concern that their child’s shyness will create roadblocks later in life. When they’re around other kids or even adults, a shy child often feels like a fish out of water. Even among familiar faces, a child who is extremely shy will often find themselves playing alone or silently watching others having fun. This can

How Martial Arts Helps Children with Developmental Disorders

Teaching Your Child to Conquer Their Disorder Through Karate As a parent, your biggest wish is for your child to lead a happy and fulfilling life. But if your child has autism or another developmental disorder, it can be difficult to find activities they can participate in, or to help them fit in with their peers. Parents often overlook activities like martial arts out of fear that their child will get hurt, not realizing how beneficial it can be. Enrolling in karate has many benefits

How Karate Can Help Put an End to Childhood Bullying

A Look at the Root Cause of Bullying & How Karate Helps Both Victims & Bullies Whether your child is being bullied or is displaying bully-like tendencies, karate can be a great tool to help build self-confidence. Karate also provides an outlet for pent up aggression, allowing your child to overcome bullying. Childhood bullying continues to be a problem that negatively affects kids on both sides. But both bullies and the victims of bullies can overcome this problem with the help of karate. Here’s a

6 Ways to Keep Your Child Interested in Karate

Know the Difference Between Lack of Interest and Loss of Passion Your child begged you to enroll them in karate lessons. Every chance they got, they were practicing their high kicks on the kitchen cupboards. Finally, you agreed. Now comes that all too familiar moment that you totally saw coming: your child has decided that they want to quit. While karate can be highly enjoyable for children of all ages, many parents find that their kids lose interest in the sport before they can reap

How Karate Helps Children Manage ADD/ADHD

Help Your Kids Build Important Skills in the Dojo and Life Physical activity is not only rewarding, but it’s essential for children’s mental and physical health. However, parents of children with ADHD often have difficulty enrolling their little ones in organized sports. The pressure of participating in team sports and other highly coordinated activities like dance and gymnastics can be difficult for a child with ADHD. If you’re thinking “the struggle is real” right now, don’t worry. You’re far from out of options. Karate is

How to Help Kids Develop Social Skills with Karate

A Look at Social Skills for Kids That Are Developed in Kids Karate Classes Developing social skills is an integral part of a child’s development. And social skills play an important role in their overall emotional health and well-being. However, for some children, socializing is something that doesn’t always come naturally, which is where physical group activities such as karate can be incredibly beneficial. Read More: Important Life Skills Your Child Will Gain from Karate Here’s a look at the importance of developing social skills

Helping Children Cope With Anger Through Karate

How Karate Promotes Anger Management for Children Every child copes and reacts in different ways when they’re angry. But there are universally effective ways to mitigate the adverse outcomes of anger management issues. Physical activity, like martial arts, is an excellent resource for anger management in children. And karate provides a healthy outlet for children, helping them to practice mindfulness and channel their anger into positive results. If you’re concerned about your child’s anger management issues, here’s what you need to know about anger issues

Important Life Skills Your Child Will Gain from Karate

A Look at the Many Karate Benefits for Kids That Will Last a Lifetime Before contemplating the idea of sending their child to karate lessons, parents often question how their children will benefit. Some are concerned that martial arts will make their children more aggressive. But the opposite is likely to happen. Martial arts for kids teach discipline, respect, leadership, confidence, and many other qualities that will help kids succeed in life. Why There’s A Stigma Martial arts are often seen as aggressive, violent, and

Mental Health Benefits of Karate for Adults

How Martial Arts Can Improve Depression, Anxiety, And Mental Focus and Clarity Martial arts disciplines such as karate are well known for their long list of physical health benefits, but what you may not realize is that the psychological benefits you will are equally as important. But how do you know if martial arts will be a good fit for you and help with whatever ailments you are experiencing? Who Can Benefit from Karate as an Adult? Regardless of physical fitness or mental wellness, any

The Best Age to Start Karate

A Look at What is a Good Age to Start Karate & Tips for Starting Kids in Martial Arts A common question among parents is: What age is appropriate to enroll their child in karate (or any self-defence) class? The short answer is, any age can be a good age (as long as they are potty trained) because there are many benefits to learning martial arts for children. Karate classes for kids focus on character building, so kids can develop valuable skills that will benefit

Mina Sangermano

Wow, thank you for helping me to build leadership skills in my daughter! Each month she has been at Canada’s Best Karate her confidence strengthens. With each belt earned she sees the value of setting and achieving small, attainable goals which lead to building her confidence. This has extended to all aspects of her life, including dance, vocal, guitar, swimming and school. Ultimately she is learning to never give up and to always believe in herself. Both my husband and I are so proud of

Diana Pellarin

I first registered my son in Canada’s Best Karate when his teacher suggested we work on developing his confidence and his self-advocacy skills. My daughter, being a different personality entirely, joined him shortly after with a different goal in mind: to learn the ability to focus. I am incredibly pleased that with their dedication to karate, both my children have demonstrated tremendous growth in their areas of need. Not only have they both grown physically stronger, but mentally and socially as well.. Thank you Sensei

Frank DeLeo

Hi Sensei Bullard, I would like to take this time to thank you for opening a Karate School that embodies the respect and most fundamental principles of the Martial Arts as I know it. I am glad I finally stepped into your Dojo. Since my eldest son, Joseph, was born about seven years ago, I have been searching for a Karate School that would give both of my sons the best in Martial Arts training that they can get. After searching for many years, I

Joe & Anna Chiappetta

To Sensei & CBK Staff: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CBK for all the extra effort they put into everything they do. As a business owner myself, I know and recognize how important attention to detail is, and CBK shows it well. I have often heard the staff at CBK refer to the students as family and I couldn’t believe how true that made us feel when I received a greeting card in the mail from the staff when

Cathy & Mino Coffa

Dear Sensei, My wife and I are at a loss for words to describe the feelings we experienced this weekend at the dojo. From now on, whenever we enter the Dojo, it will be with a completely different outlook and emotions. What we saw in terms of support from your black belt students, as well as your Sempais and yourself, was very motivating and touching. Anthony endured and experienced something this past weekend he will remember for the rest of his life! He carried his

Mario and Donna Spinelli

Hi Sensei, Thank you for taking the time to talk to us on such a busy day. Franco was so excited when he received your letter about the Instructor Program and, well, after the meeting on there was no choice in the matter. He is passionate about wanting to become an instructor at CBK. Given that Franco has always demonstrated dedication and commitment to what he does – school, karate (black belt), swimming (bronze medallion), hockey (goalie), piano and to his family and friends –

Adrian & Lucy Peel

As we have grown together with our kids over the past few years, my wife and I became increasingly aware of the constraint of time. It takes time to accomplish goals and a quality lifestyle for the family, the same time that rapidly transforms babies into adults with no turning back. We recognized the need to use our time wisely and to prioritize the activities that were important to our long term well being as a family. Physical exercise was sorely lacking and we strongly

Judith Reda

I registered my daughter at your Woodbridge location immediately following her 5th birthday, her first class was in September. Prior to this, she had been asking to take Karate lessons and I told her she had to wait till her 5th birthday. She takes the Novice classes on Tuesday class with Sempai Steve. I felt it was necessary to let you know how Sempai Steve and the classes have had an impact on my daughter Dalia. Her level of concentration in the class surprises me

Tony & Sonia Cipressi

Hello Sensei Scott, We just wanted to write to let you know that since our daughter, Alisa, has started Karate, we have seen improvements in her. When Alisa began Karate, we had two main objectives in mind for her. The first one being physical fitness/weight control. Alisa has had issues pertaining to her “bad knees”. She would frequently collapse because her knees would just give out on her in the middle of running or playing. The second objective was self confidence. Alisa has tried playing

Kim Talebi

Dear Canada’s Best Karate, My children started karate in September 2001. My son Joshua was a shy and insecure seven-year-old boy who struggled in school. Since Joshua has been training at the school, he has become much more confidant. The “I Can do it myself” program has motivated him to become a great help at home with his chores. When Josh started this program, he was reading at a level 3. For a grade 2 student, that’s a poor rating. As part of his “I

The Lo Ciceros

Dear Sensei, For the past two months, Michael has continued to demonstrate great discipline both at school and at home. He is always diligent in carrying out his chores at home and his work at school. His teacher is constantly marveling at his effort and behavior which is gaining him much success in his education. We are all very proud of this very self-disciplined and mature little man! We are convinced that karate is having a positive influence on him and for that we are

Marianna Pipia

Dear Sensei, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at the dojo. My son Paolo has been attending Canada’s Best Karate for about a year and I have noticed a nice and significant change in him. I’d like to explain this with a situation that happened about a month ago. We were at a family christening last month and Paolo took it upon himself to help the owner out with a few jobs. He noticed that everyone at the

Ben and Adele Spadafora

Dear Sensei and Staff at CBK, Eugenio has only improved throughout the last month. He is very responsible with his expected daily chores. He insists on helping the family whenever there is a need. His maturity level has increased considerably and he has developed a more positive attitude. I am glad to say that karate has given our son the opportunity to thrive in areas that did not seem possible in the past. Canada’s Best Karate has certainly allowed our son to grow with a

Heather Arnott

Dear Sensei, I have been very pleased with Cassandra’s progress with her “I Can” chart. We have tried other charts before, but Canada’s Best Karate seems to be the motivator she needed. Cassie has been faithful to many tasks (homework and making her bed) and is trying very hard to consistently tend to other tasks. Well done, Cassie! (And I appreciate the help.) Sincerely, – Heather Arnott, parent

The Latocha Family

Dear Sensei and Staff, I wanted to write to you about the wonderful progress that our son, Tristan, has made over the past year. It all started when his school classmate recommended that he come to an open house to try some Karate classes at your dojo. I’ll have to tell you that we were very reluctant to bring Tristan because in the past he had been enrolled for Karate classes at a local community centre and it was a complete disaster. However since Tristan

The Greco Family

To: Canada’s Best Karate I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Sensei Scott Bullard and the fabulous instructors and staff at Canada’s Best Karate for instilling a sense of confidence, responsibility and self-discipline in my two sons Leo (age 6) and Adriano (age 5). Since starting in the Novice Program at Canada’s Best Karate and currently in the Junior Karate Program, I have noticed a positive difference in both my boys with respect to their confidence level and self-discipline.

Anne & Wayne Burgess

Dear Sensei, I wanted to share with you an amazing story within our family over the last 8 months. Last year we moved into Maple from downtown Toronto and our six year old son Tyler has a very difficult time adjusting to the change and experienced bullying for the first time in his life. Over the next few months he became extremely aggressive and his self-esteem had dropped significantly. In almost every sport or activity we signed him up for, his poor behaviour and aggression

Alessandra Viola

Sensei, This week, at school, we had a speaker come to lecture us about bullying. This got me thinking as to the reason as to why I began my karate training. I was in the fifth grade when I had my first bullying experience. I was friends with two girls in my grade and both were close to me. They were both in a fight with one another and I observed that one of them was bullying the other. Making this observation, I stepped in

Tina Siomos

Dear Sensei, Last year my daughter, Lori, won a free trial membership at Canada’s Best Karate. We took advantage of this and decided karate was something for our family. We did not realize the extent of the benefits that would follow. My son, Stephen, who has also joined Canada’s Best, was lacking in confidence and receiving adequate grades in school. He is now more confident and his grades have improved. Lori, who was confident and did well in school has had this reaffirmed. Not only

Beatrix Taylor

Dear Sensei, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how your karate school has affected my son Ryan in a very positive way. Last summer Ryan was on a rep soccer team. For Ryan it was a very experience. The coach managed to strip him of his self-esteem and he no longer showed the interest and confidence in soccer that he once had. He stopped having fun and only continued to go because he was raised to not be a quitter.

Maria Fraietta

Dear Canada’s Best Karate, I just want to say “THANK YOU ALL”! It started one day when Armando expressed that he would like to take karate lessons. I suggested that we go and see how the lessons were and he agreed to it. Once we arrived, he started to cry and would not let go of me and immediately changed his mind. I knew that he really wanted to take lessons, so I was ready to make a commitment in bringing him everyday until he

Monica Sementilli

Good morning Sensei, This weekend, Isabella had a friend over from school. She gave her friend, Sophia, a candy and Sophia started choking on it! I cannot express the terror I felt as I saw her gasping for breath. .We all rushed to her aid and found Gessica giving her the Heimlich maneuver! The candy dislodged and after a few tears, all was well. Gessica has learned CPR and first aid training in her babysitting course, but it was not her performance and skill that

The Lazar Family

Dear Sensei Bullard, I am writing to express our thanks to you and your school for giving Jacob the life skills required to succeed in life. Although Jacob has not been attending Canada’s Best Karate for very long we have noticed him taking on more responsibility in daily tasks. Truth be known, it is because of Jacob that I get to work on time. My husband and I feel that it has a lot to do with the ”I Can Do It Myself” card which

Arsema & Ghebray Yonatan

To all the instructors at CBK: We are writing to express our satisfaction with our son’s progress and positive experience at CBK. We signed up our son at CBK to improve his confidence level to express himself and fully participate in school and other settings. We have seen huge improvements in his confidence level and discipline. He was already doing well in school, but his teacher attested to improvement around his ability to confidently express himself in class. We have seen a huge difference in