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February 15, 2020 Karate for Kids

How Karate Helps Kids Overcome Shyness and Gain Confidence

Teach Your Child to Break Out of Their Shell Through Martial Arts Most children feel shy from time to time, but many parents with extremely shy kids can relate to the concern that their child’s shyness will create roadblocks later in life. When they’re around other kids or even adults, a shy child often feels like a fish out of water. Even among familiar faces, a child who is extremely shy will often find themselves playing alone or silently watching others having fun. This can

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February 3, 2020 Karate for Kids

How Martial Arts Helps Children with Developmental Disorders

Teaching Your Child to Conquer Their Disorder Through Karate As a parent, your biggest wish is for your child to lead a happy and fulfilling life. But if your child has autism or another developmental disorder, it can be difficult to find activities they can participate in, or to help them fit in with their peers. Parents often overlook activities like martial arts out of fear that their child will get hurt, not realizing how beneficial it can be. Enrolling in karate has many benefits

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January 15, 2020 Karate for Kids

How Karate Can Help Put an End to Childhood Bullying

A Look at the Root Cause of Bullying & How Karate Helps Both Victims & Bullies Whether your child is being bullied or is displaying bully-like tendencies, karate can be a great tool to help build self-confidence. Karate also provides an outlet for pent up aggression, allowing your child to overcome bullying. Childhood bullying continues to be a problem that negatively affects kids on both sides. But both bullies and the victims of bullies can overcome this problem with the help of karate. Here’s a

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January 3, 2020 Karate for Kids

6 Ways to Keep Your Child Interested in Karate

Know the Difference Between Lack of Interest and Loss of Passion Your child begged you to enroll them in karate lessons. Every chance they got, they were practicing their high kicks on the kitchen cupboards. Finally, you agreed. Now comes that all too familiar moment that you totally saw coming: your child has decided that they want to quit. While karate can be highly enjoyable for children of all ages, many parents find that their kids lose interest in the sport before they can reap

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December 2, 2019 Karate for Kids

How Karate Helps Children Manage ADD/ADHD

Help Your Kids Build Important Skills in the Dojo and Life Physical activity is not only rewarding, but it’s essential for children’s mental and physical health. However, parents of children with ADHD often have difficulty enrolling their little ones in organized sports. The pressure of participating in team sports and other highly coordinated activities like dance and gymnastics can be difficult for a child with ADHD. If you’re thinking “the struggle is real” right now, don’t worry. You’re far from out of options. Karate is

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October 8, 2019 Karate for Kids

Helping Children Cope With Anger Through Karate

How Karate Promotes Anger Management for Children Every child copes and reacts in different ways when they’re angry. But there are universally effective ways to mitigate the adverse outcomes of anger management issues. Physical activity, like martial arts, is an excellent resource for anger management in children. And karate provides a healthy outlet for children, helping them to practice mindfulness and channel their anger into positive results. If you’re concerned about your child’s anger management issues, here’s what you need to know about anger issues

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Kids practicing martial arts
July 19, 2019 Karate for Kids

The Best Age to Start Karate

A Look at What is a Good Age to Start Karate & Tips for Starting Kids in Martial Arts A common question among parents is: What age is appropriate to enroll their child in karate (or any self-defence) class? The short answer is, any age can be a good age (as long as they are potty trained) because there are many benefits to learning martial arts for children. Karate classes for kids focus on character building, so kids can develop valuable skills that will benefit

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