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February 25, 2019 Confidence, Life Skills

Mina Sangermano

Wow, thank you for helping me to build leadership skills in my daughter! Each month she has been at Canada’s Best Karate her confidence strengthens. With each belt earned she sees the value of setting and achieving small, attainable goals which lead to building her confidence.

This has extended to all aspects of her life, including dance, vocal, guitar, swimming and school. Ultimately she is learning to never give up and to always believe in herself.

Both my husband and I are so proud of our daughter’s achievements at Canada’s Best Karate.


– Mina Sangermano, mother

February 25, 2019 Confidence

Diana Pellarin

I first registered my son in Canada’s Best Karate when his teacher suggested we work on developing his confidence and his self-advocacy skills. My daughter, being a different personality entirely, joined him shortly after with a different goal in mind: to learn the ability to focus.

I am incredibly pleased that with their dedication to karate, both my children have demonstrated tremendous growth in their areas of need. Not only have they both grown physically stronger, but mentally and socially as well..

Thank you Sensei Scott and Canada’s Best Karate for showing my kids the way and helping them to believe in themselves!


– Diane Pellarin, mother

September 19, 2017 Confidence

Tina Siomos

Dear Sensei,

Last year my daughter, Lori, won a free trial membership at Canada’s Best Karate. We took advantage of this and decided karate was something for our family. We did not realize the extent of the benefits that would follow.

My son, Stephen, who has also joined Canada’s Best, was lacking in confidence and receiving adequate grades in school. He is now more confident and his grades have improved. Lori, who was confident and did well in school has had this reaffirmed.

Not only have the children realized physical benefits from karate, but they have found something that’s part of them. Like running is my own personal lifeline, so too has karate become the family’s lifeline.

We are all happier and more confident. Certainly going to a school that is surrounded by the love for karate, it has been easy to make it part of our lives and our hearts.

I’m really glad we joined.


– Tina Siomos, parent and student

September 19, 2017 Confidence

Beatrix Taylor

Dear Sensei,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how your karate school has affected my son Ryan in a very positive way. Last summer Ryan was on a rep soccer team. For Ryan it was a very experience. The coach managed to strip him of his self-esteem and he no longer showed the interest and confidence in soccer that he once had. He stopped having fun and only continued to go because he was raised to not be a quitter. This 11 year old boy was having trouble in many areas as a result of all this and one of them was his schoolwork.

He had shown much interest in trying new, and karate was his choice. Since coming to your classes his excitement has come back and he once again is showing true dedication and commitment to something he enjoys. Ryan will always work hard but having fun is also important to him. One night a few weeks ago he was telling me about Sensei Scott, and how he liked him. He told me that Sensei listens to him and, shows him respect something that was not happening on the soccer field.

His experience with Karate and the adults there have been such a positive one. He is again starting to feel good about himself and both y husband and I have always been very proud of him. Our children mean the world to us and we as parents are always praising them, but outside forces also have a huge influence on how our children behave and feel about themselves.

I want to thank you for the extremely positive influence you have has on Ryan during a time of his young life when he really needed it. You as leaders must realize the impact you have on these young minds and how you treat them is so important. Confidence, self esteem and feeling good about yourself are very important to all of us, and if you as teachers can continue to build that in our children, it will only make them better people.


– Beatrix Taylor, parent

September 19, 2017 Confidence

Maria Fraietta

Dear Canada’s Best Karate,

I just want to say “THANK YOU ALL”!

It started one day when Armando expressed that he would like to take karate lessons. I suggested that we go and see how the lessons were and he agreed to it. Once we arrived, he started to cry and would not let go of me and immediately changed his mind. I knew that he really wanted to take lessons, so I was ready to make a commitment in bringing him everyday until he got his confidence and especially I was to have patience. We came in, sat down, watched everyone and went home. This went on for about three weeks.

One day, after Grace talked to Armando, he agreed to go in class and sit in the corner. This went on for about one to two weeks. He began to have confidence with Grace, Gillian, Adam and Alessandra. Then one night, I saw Sensei talking to Armando and the next thing I knew Armando was participating in the lesson. I could see that Armando was shy but also could see that he was happy, excited and glad that he did.

I asked him if he wanted to take more lessons and he said without hesitation and with excitement “Yes”! He finally was confident. Once he got his uniform he was glowing with excitement, felt even more confident and told all his friends at school that he was taking karate lessons.

Before Armando enrolled in karate, he was lacking in confidence. Now he has built his confidence. This is just the first step taken of the many steps to come ahead.


– Mrs. Maria Fraietta, parent

September 19, 2017 Confidence

Arsema & Ghebray Yonatan

To all the instructors at CBK:

We are writing to express our satisfaction with our son’s progress and positive experience at CBK. We signed up our son at CBK to improve his confidence level to express himself and fully participate in school and other settings. We have seen huge improvements in his confidence level and discipline. He was already doing well in school, but his teacher attested to improvement around his ability to confidently express himself in class.

We have seen a huge difference in his participation in CBK classes. He was a bit shy and reserved when he started, but now, he raises his hands to answer questions and confidently responds to questions and interacts with his classmates.

We also noted in all CBK instructors the care and time they take to teach the students. For instance, there was one class our son was having trouble repeating a particular step and the instructor made sure that he repeats it until he got it right. That was a magical moment!

We are also impressed by the staff in reception area and would like to thank her for continuing to answer our questions in a courteous and professional manner.

Every time you walk into CBK, it tells you in a subtle way that it is more than a Karate school. It is obvious by the family and community feel CBK exudes.

Thank you for being part of the healthy development of our son.

– Arsema & Ghebray Yonatan, parents