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September 19, 2017 Discipline/Parenting

The Lo Ciceros

Dear Sensei,

For the past two months, Michael has continued to demonstrate great discipline both at school and at home. He is always diligent in carrying out his chores at home and his work at school. His teacher is constantly marveling at his effort and behavior which is gaining him much success in his education. We are all very proud of this very self-disciplined and mature little man!

We are convinced that karate is having a positive influence on him and for that we are very grateful both to you and this great martial art which you have chosen to dedicate your career to teach.

Gratefully yours,

– The Lo Ceros, parents

September 19, 2017 Discipline/Parenting

Marianna Pipia

Dear Sensei,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at the dojo. My son Paolo has been attending Canada’s Best Karate for about a year and I have noticed a nice and significant change in him.

I’d like to explain this with a situation that happened about a month ago. We were at a family christening last month and Paolo took it upon himself to help the owner out with a few jobs. He noticed that everyone at the restaurant was extremely busy and so he thought that they needed some help. Without being asked he helped clean up the floor by picking up whatever he saw. He also went into the kitchen and asked if he could help there too. When he was all done he came up to me and said, “Are you going to tell Sensei everything I did today?’’ I was shocked to see that even at a family function he was thinking about Karate!

I have definitely noticed a change in his behaviour. He never used to think about helping other people before. He even helps me out at home. I really think Sensei and the school have had a positive effect on my son.

Thank you very much,

– Marianna Pipia, parent

September 19, 2017 Discipline/Parenting

Ben and Adele Spadafora

Dear Sensei and Staff at CBK,

Eugenio has only improved throughout the last month. He is very responsible with his expected daily chores. He insists on helping the family whenever there is a need. His maturity level has increased considerably and he has developed a more positive attitude. I am glad to say that karate has given our son the opportunity to thrive in areas that did not seem possible in the past. Canada’s Best Karate has certainly allowed our son to grow with a more positive and responsible outlook day to day.

Before attending karate, our son did not have the ambition to do well in any activity. Now, all of that is something of the past. He has had the opportunity of turning negativity around and making sure that anything is possible. We are so proud of him.

Thanks Canada’s Best!

– Ben and Adele Spadafora, parents

September 19, 2017 Discipline/Parenting

Heather Arnott

Dear Sensei,

I have been very pleased with Cassandra’s progress with her “I Can” chart. We have tried other charts before, but Canada’s Best Karate seems to be the motivator she needed. Cassie has been faithful to many tasks (homework and making her bed) and is trying very hard to consistently tend to other tasks. Well done, Cassie! (And I appreciate the help.)


– Heather Arnott, parent

September 19, 2017 Discipline/Parenting

The Latocha Family

Dear Sensei and Staff,

I wanted to write to you about the wonderful progress that our son, Tristan, has made over the past year. It all started when his school classmate recommended that he come to an open house to try some Karate classes at your dojo. I’ll have to tell you that we were very reluctant to bring Tristan because in the past he had been enrolled for Karate classes at a local community centre and it was a complete disaster. However since Tristan was willing we agreed.

We were totally amazed that, from the minute he entered the dojo and lined up with the other students and started to recite the “ Student Creed”, he was actually focussing and listening to the instructor and managed to follow along for the whole class. We were delighted; we told Tristan that he could come back for a second class and he agreed. Again he seemed to enjoy the class and follow instruction. We asked him if he thought he would like to join up and he kept saying, “ I’ll think about it”. We didn’t want to force him into something that he didn’t want to do but we could see the obvious benefits your teaching could offer him.

Finally after the 4th class Tristan announced that he wanted to join. Although Tristan immediately liked what he was hearing and on many occasions says that he wants to become a Sensei like yourself, we still had our doubts he would last more than 2 weeks. However, we signed him up hoping that the classes would teach him some discipline, how to focus and maybe make a friend or two.

Today, Tristan has exceeded all our expectations and is currently in the process of practising for his red stripe test to obtain his GREEN belt (and we didn’t even think he’d get to through the first white belt level!)

At home he has become more compliant and will help with chores when asked the first time and sometimes even without reminders! Bur the best part is that Tristan still says he wants to keep coming to Karate class and now we no longer see that black belt goal for Tristan as impossibility, but rather a probable reality.

Thank you Sensei and staff for allowing my son to participate and excel, despite his many challenges. We are truly grateful. To those who have any doubt, we would recommend Canada’s Best Karate in an instant, as your organization truly lives up to its name.


– Mr. and Mrs. Latocha, parents