September 19, 2017 Families

Adrian & Lucy Peel

As we have grown together with our kids over the past few years, my wife and I became increasingly aware of the constraint of time. It takes time to accomplish goals and a quality lifestyle for the family, the same time that rapidly transforms babies into adults with no turning back. We recognized the need to use our time wisely and to prioritize the activities that were important to our long term well being as a family.

Physical exercise was sorely lacking and we strongly felt that the kids needed more contact time with us to fine tune the values we want to instill in them – discipline, high energy fun and purpose orientation. CBK offered us a structured family program where we could work together towards a medium term challenging goal, learn transferable skills that would reinforce our values and have a ton of fun in the process at least twice a week.

Our experience so far has been great! Everyone is enthusiastic about coming to the dojo and we have never once had to remind the kids to get ready for training in almost two years. Our physical condition is much better than it has been in many years while the time spent together in focused training has drawn our family unit more tightly together. Importantly, the disciplines we are learning are transferring into other domains such as education, where the kids have assumed a more deliberate approach to setting goals and practicing exercises to achieve them.

We are thankful to Sensei Scott for the opportunity and our aim is to continue to progress together.

– Adrian & Lucy Peel, parents and members