September 19, 2017 Improved School Grades

Kim Talebi

Dear Canada’s Best Karate,

My children started karate in September 2001. My son Joshua was a shy and insecure seven-year-old boy who struggled in school. Since Joshua has been training at the school, he has become much more confidant. The “I Can do it myself” program has motivated him to become a great help at home with his chores.

When Josh started this program, he was reading at a level 3. For a grade 2 student, that’s a poor rating. As part of his “I Can” program, we started reading every night. I have never seen him so excited about anything like he is about doing well at karate school. I can proudly say that in a few months, his karate training has helped him improve to a reading level of 18. This is a tremendous change.

His improvements at school and his success at karate have resulted in his invitation to the Black Belt Club, which we consider a great honour.

I would just like to say that helping children to succeed is the greatest thing you can do for them. Thank you to Sensei Scott Bullard and his team of instructors and staff for their great support in helping my son to succeed.


– Kim Talebi, mother