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February 25, 2019 Confidence, Life Skills

Mina Sangermano

Wow, thank you for helping me to build leadership skills in my daughter! Each month she has been at Canada’s Best Karate her confidence strengthens. With each belt earned she sees the value of setting and achieving small, attainable goals which lead to building her confidence.

This has extended to all aspects of her life, including dance, vocal, guitar, swimming and school. Ultimately she is learning to never give up and to always believe in herself.

Both my husband and I are so proud of our daughter’s achievements at Canada’s Best Karate.


– Mina Sangermano, mother

September 19, 2017 Life Skills

Monica Sementilli

Good morning Sensei,

This weekend, Isabella had a friend over from school. She gave her friend, Sophia, a candy and Sophia started choking on it! I cannot express the terror I felt as I saw her gasping for breath. .We all rushed to her aid and found Gessica giving her the Heimlich maneuver! The candy dislodged and after a few tears, all was well.

Gessica has learned CPR and first aid training in her babysitting course, but it was not her performance and skill that amazed us. It was her immediate action, confidence and determination. She did not panic even slightly and I believe this stems from her karate training. As Gessica always says, “Problem, solution, action!” Needless to say, we are very proud and grateful that she came to the rescue. She is now a hero to her sister Isabella and her friend Sophia, but she’s also my little hero!

The girls have just received their violet belts and I’d like to thank you, Sempai Steve and Sempai Lori for instilling leadership in them. Please pass on our thanks.

– Monica Sementilli, parent

September 19, 2017 Life Skills

The Lazar Family

Dear Sensei Bullard,

I am writing to express our thanks to you and your school for giving Jacob the life skills required to succeed in life.

Although Jacob has not been attending Canada’s Best Karate for very long we have noticed him taking on more responsibility in daily tasks. Truth be known, it is because of Jacob that I get to work on time. My husband and I feel that it has a lot to do with the ”I Can Do It Myself” card which we leave on the fridge so Jacob remembers to check off what he has done that day.

Jacob has shown more confidence in himself with regards to school and what he is capable of doing at home. We also find that he sticks up for himself more and speaks his mind in a positive way if he does not like something.

Jacob shows a great deal of enthusiasm towards his Karate and looks forward to classes. He was part of another Karate school a few years ago and I did not have the same excitement when it came to those classes. For this reason we were hesitant about signing him up again. Every Saturday and Wednesday he is dressed and ready to go. He has said to us that it is because of the instructors and the fact that they make the program fun and never put anyone down. Jacob is happy and feels good about himself when he is finished.

Jacob also likes to discuss with us what he has learned. As a parent, I am really glad that the children are learning about ways to deal with bullying. Unfortunately, this is a very real part of a child’s world today. The skills that are taught in your school will help Jacob to better cope should he ever have to deal with this in school.

The other school that Jacob attended never taught any life skills. They only taught Karate, although important, will not teach a child how to deal with daily life. I know that Jacob is taking all of this in because he tells us as well as his younger brother what was discussed at that class.

I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a place to send their child. Although Karate is fun, life skills are very important. Your school teaches all aspects and empowers the children. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work.

– The Lazar Family, parent