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September 19, 2017 Physical Health & Fitness

Judith Reda

I registered my daughter at your Woodbridge location immediately following her 5th birthday, her first class was in September. Prior to this, she had been asking to take Karate lessons and I told her she had to wait till her 5th birthday. She takes the Novice classes on Tuesday class with Sempai Steve.

I felt it was necessary to let you know how Sempai Steve and the classes have had an impact on my daughter Dalia. Her level of concentration in the class surprises me as well as how her balance and coordination have improved. (She is a normal, busy 5 year old, but I’ve noticed continued development and improvement in these areas) When we discuss her classes at home, her confidence is obvious. She is willing to demonstrate a proper punch, kick or stance for anyone who asks.

After having some conversation with Rose and Sempai Steve this past weekend, they have recommended that when her 20 Novice lessons are finished, she move up to the White Belt level. I explained this to Dalia and she was delighted with herself and even more happy that she will continue her lessons with Sempai.

I am looking forward watching her continued growth and development as a student of Canada’s Best Karate.


– Judith Reda, mother

September 19, 2017 Physical Health & Fitness

Tony & Sonia Cipressi

Hello Sensei Scott,

We just wanted to write to let you know that since our daughter, Alisa, has started Karate, we have seen improvements in her.

When Alisa began Karate, we had two main objectives in mind for her. The first one being physical fitness/weight control. Alisa has had issues pertaining to her “bad knees”. She would frequently collapse because her knees would just give out on her in the middle of running or playing. The second objective was self confidence. Alisa has tried playing soccer and skating and simply did not seem to enjoy them at all. When she asked us if she could learn karate, we were pleased and eager to sign her up.

She is always ready for class and does not put up a fuss to attend. She really enjoys Karate, and we have seen the benefits from it. Her thigh muscles are strengthening, relieving the pressure on her knees. Her knees do not seem to bother her nearly half as much.

Having an extra-curricular activity different from those of her siblings, I think, makes it that much more special to her. Alisa seems more confident and happier. She is improving with her responsibilities at school and at home.

She is so very excited to have joined the “Black Belt Club” and I have never seen her so determined to achieve something like that she is to achieve her Black Belt.

We are very proud of her and her accomplishments thus far, more importantly, she is very proud of herself.


– Tony & Sonia Cipressi, parents