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September 19, 2017 Positive Influence

Frank DeLeo

Hi Sensei Bullard,

I would like to take this time to thank you for opening a Karate School that embodies the respect and most fundamental principles of the Martial Arts as I know it.

I am glad I finally stepped into your Dojo. Since my eldest son, Joseph, was born about seven years ago, I have been searching for a Karate School that would give both of my sons the best in Martial Arts training that they can get. After searching for many years, I have finally found the best.

Since the day I enrolled Joseph and Nicholas, I have known that the name, Canada’s Best Karate, is not only a name, but it is the embodiment of this establishment. It is proven by example that is set forth by the staff and students. I am so pleased to see the changes in Joseph. He even volunteers to help his brother in his tot class. Words expressed in any form cannot convey my appreciation appropriately.


– Frank DeLeo, father

September 19, 2017 Positive Influence

Joe & Anna Chiappetta

To Sensei & CBK Staff:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CBK for all the extra effort they put into everything they do. As a business owner myself, I know and recognize how important attention to detail is, and CBK shows it well. I have often heard the staff at CBK refer to the students as family and I couldn’t believe how true that made us feel when I received a greeting card in the mail from the staff when I had broken my ankle.

Matthew absolutely loves Karate and after his first belt ceremony he was hooked. He likes the fitness, the techniques and the fun he has in learning. He knows that karate is an individual effort and whether he succeeds or not is up to him. (The same is true in life). Karate has definitely increased his confidence reflecting positively in the other things he does.

Matthew’s Karate has proven to be a positive influence for the whole family. His little brother who is almost three can count to ten in Japanese. He watches Matthew practicing and he try’s to copy him. He tries to punch, kick and shouts ‘Stop Stranger’. The free Stranger Danger workshops you provide for child safety are great. Another example of how CBK cares.

Thanks for all the little extra things you do. They show and make a difference.

– Joe & Anna Chiappetta, parents