September 19, 2017 Becoming a Black Belt

Cathy & Mino Coffa

Dear Sensei,

My wife and I are at a loss for words to describe the feelings we experienced this weekend at the dojo. From now on, whenever we enter the Dojo, it will be with a completely different outlook and emotions. What we saw in terms of support from your black belt students, as well as your Sempais and yourself, was very motivating and touching.

Anthony endured and experienced something this past weekend he will remember for the rest of his life! He carried his black belt with him for the remainder of the day yesterday and actually slept with it last night!

The last moments of yesterday’s training were the most emotional moments my wife, myself and Anthony ever experienced since Anthony started with Canada’s Best Karate in 2001. Seeing all the students in their final moments before getting their black belts, in sweat and tears, and surrounded by their fellow black belts and yourself as well as Shihan Mueller and Sensei Leigh will live in our memories forever!


– Cathy & Mino Coffa, parents