September 19, 2017 Positive Influence

Frank DeLeo

Hi Sensei Bullard,

I would like to take this time to thank you for opening a Karate School that embodies the respect and most fundamental principles of the Martial Arts as I know it.

I am glad I finally stepped into your Dojo. Since my eldest son, Joseph, was born about seven years ago, I have been searching for a Karate School that would give both of my sons the best in Martial Arts training that they can get. After searching for many years, I have finally found the best.

Since the day I enrolled Joseph and Nicholas, I have known that the name, Canada’s Best Karate, is not only a name, but it is the embodiment of this establishment. It is proven by example that is set forth by the staff and students. I am so pleased to see the changes in Joseph. He even volunteers to help his brother in his tot class. Words expressed in any form cannot convey my appreciation appropriately.


– Frank DeLeo, father