Adult Kickboxing

Canada’s Best Karate’s Elite Kickboxing Program

Don’t just get into shape, get “Fighting-Fit”!

We’ve all seen photos of boxers and martial artist looking fit and fat-free.  What is it about the fighting arts that gets people into such great shape?  It’s the nature of the training – it’s a cross-fitness program built from the ground up!

We’ve been teaching the martial arts at Canada’s Best Karate to thousands of men, women and children for over 25 years. So when it came time to develop our Elite Kickboxing Program, we used our expertise to create a program that took the a wide variety of training methods to help people at all fitness levels get into the best shape of their lives!

Every CBK Elite Kickboxing class will take you through a structured warm-up, cardio and skills development, heavy bag training and core and cool-down.  And at only 45 minutes in length, it’s not going to take a big bite out of your day!

Whatever your fitness level, this class is for YOU!

When you attend a CBK Elite Kickboxing class you will be engaging in:

  • Cardio and fat-burning combinations
  • Resistance training through heavy bag and pad work
  • Body weight exercises and calisthenics for strength and endurance
  • Core and flexibility exercises for health and injury protection

This ain’t no gym class, though.  All CBK Elite Kickboxing classes are taught by CBK certified Black Belts – because anyone can work you out hard, but we can work you out right!  This means learning the correct technique right from the beginning with less chance of injury.

So come in and try a class today – your future self is going to thank you!

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